Last month I was asked to write a song for a short film called Beneath the Waters of Llyn Coch – a collaborative¬†production between film makers based in Manchester and Wales. After reading the script and the short myth that the film is based on (The Fairy Wife)¬†I was feeling pretty inspired. The song I’ve written is going to play over the union scene between the two main characters, so it was great to have an excuse to pen a good old-fashioned love song! I also liked the challenge. It was nice to be given a theme and a plot to write to. My songwriting process is usually quite sporadic. Inspiration will hit me at random times, and I’ll have to scrabble for a pen and the nearest notebook, so it was quite a different experience to sit down with a goal and outcome in mind. I rather enjoyed this new creative process.

I’ve been invited up to the set this weekend to film a music video for my song, which will be used to promote the film and appear as a ‘bonus feature’ at the end of the film.

And I’ve heard that I may get to dress up as a fairy, but I’m still awaiting clarification on that one.

Will keep you updated!